Our Story

The start of something great...
The Pit & Olive Copmany online shop and food store offers a variety of full flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural food with the unique Mediterrenean flavour that comes with care and expertise.
We supply the world's best extra virgin olive oil to households and businesses across the globe, all direct from the producers.
Family roots
Our family has a deep connection with a number of regions across the Mediterranean where Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other natural goods are nurtured. We want people to create amazing meals with the best ingredients.
The hills of the Mediterranean have been the home of a versitile and rich mixture of cuisine and food culture for centuries.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at the heart and soul of this and its production has been crafted into an art whereit now a fundamental ingredient in almost every dish.
The 4 Natural Elements
We crafted the idea of the 4 element principles which are using the key 4 natural elements (Soil, Sun, Air, Water).
The balance between these elements produces the perfect natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural products


Pit and Olive Team Photo